Cecilia Jonsson in collaboration with Rodrigo Leite de Oliveira, “Haem”


This exhibition explores the theme of fluidity inside and between bodies, cells, and substances. Life’s processes abound with continuous exchanges and are often embodied in liquid form, flowing throughout complex and microscopic environments; yet, these phenomena often escape perception. It takes the intervention of artists and designers to bring them into the realm of the observable, lend them meaning, highlight their beauty, or find their material potential at different scales. 
Fluid Matter presents the winning projects of the Bio Art and Design Award 2016, developed in collaboration with leading Dutch researchers in the life sciences, alongside several recent works that share a dimension of fluidity. The works will reflect on, demonstrate, or even contest advances in life sciences research. They will also probe fluidity in the realms of inter-species exchange, personal identity, metabolic processes, and even in the exchange between our bodies and our oceans.

Participating artists:

Thijs Biersteker (NL), Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta (UK), Inés Cámara Leret (UK), Lilian van Daal & Roos Meerman (NL) BAD Award winner, Teresa van Dongen (NL), Xandra van der Eijk (NL), Cecilia Jonsson (NO) BAD Award winner, Pei-Ying Lin (TW) BAD Award winner, Ana María Gómez López (US), Mari Ohno (JP), Tarah Rhoda (US)

Fluid Matter is curated by Angelique Spaninks (MU) and William Myers (Jury Chairman Bio Art and Design Awards).


Fluid Matter.
Liquid and Life in Motion
2 December 2016 – 26 February 2017


Photo: Cecilia Jonsson in collaboration with Rodrigo Leite de Oliveira, “Haem”


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