Jennifer Seevinck, Emergence in Interactive Art, Springer

Jennifer Seevinck, Emergence in Interactive Art, Springer


This book is concerned with emergence, interaction, art and computing. It introduces a new focus for emergence in interactive art: the emergent experience. Emergence literature is discussed and an organising framework, the Taxonomy of Emergence in Interactive Art (TEIA) is provided together with case studies of digital, interactive art systems that facilitate emergence. Evidence from evaluations of people interacting with the works is analysed using the TEIA. Artworks from across the world are also reviewed to further illustrate the potential for emergence.
Interactive art is, itself, still a young domain where audience influence, or interaction with the work is a defining aspect. Emergence in Interactive Art explores the rich opportunities for interactive experiences of digital art systems that are provided by looking through a “lens” of emergence. And what better way to explore these potentials than through the open-ended domain of emergence, with its inherent affinity to the natural world? Through an integrated approach of practice, research and theory this book reveals design and analytical insights relating to emergence, interaction and interactive art to benefit artists, researchers and designers alike.


Jennifer Seevinck
Emergence in Interactive Art


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