Japanese Spell in Electronic Art. L'ultimo libro di Mauro Arrighi

Japanese Spell in Electronic Art


Japanese Spell in Electronic Art
by Mauro Arrighi
Revised by Prof Christa Sommerer Ph.D, and Dorothée King
Published by CreateSpace (Amazon.com, Inc.) in May 2011


(POSTINTERFACE) - The book opens with a foreword by the international renowned scholars and artists Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau whom founded the The Interface Culture program at the Linz University of Arts Department of Media. This book sheds light on the origins of present-day aesthetic offshoots of Japan: from the Gutai group's performances to the latest experiences in Interactive Art. Japanese spell in Electronic Art is alive with sympathetic insight into Electronic Art with particular focus on Hybrid Art and Device Art made in Japan. For Mauro Arrighi there is a relationship between Shinto, the indigenous spirituality of the Japanese people, and nowadays Japanese contemporary art.  The aim of the author is to test the hypothesis that religion influenced an avant-garde, to call into question if a form of belief is embedded in technology, and ultimately to describe how tradition and innovation are merging in contemporary Japan.

The book might be purchased at www.createspace.com/3485566


japanese spell in electronic art

Cover photo: AEO (EYE, Taeji, Jo). Eye Yamataka Live, Glowing 
Spheres. 2008. Photo: Sebastian Mayer. www.sebastianmayer.com  




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