Zaven Paré. Paris, Galerie Charlot

Zaven Paré

Galerie Charlot

Zaven Paré
The Human as Assembly

17.10.2012 – 17.11.2012



It is impossible to classify in known categories Zaven Paré's work: a neologism, a new discipline, a new field study would be needed but always restrictive. His work is placed at the junction of an infinite number of suggestions, thoughts, interrogations. It is an holistic approach to life through art and vice-versa.
The works by Zaven Paré are inspired by literature and world traditional theater as well as by some ancestral philosophic and and anthropologic thoughts. The work is enriched by the more recent studies on robotic and behavioral science and it is based on new technologies researches. His production seems to respond favorably to the question of technological animism, the idea that machines have a soul, that they are provided of a proper life (maybe different from our)...?
Zaven Paré builds a singular universe. These works dialogue without complex with the works by directors Georges Meliès and Terry Gilliam as well as with the animations by William Kentridge and mechanical marionette by Jan Švankmajer.
Zaven Paré researches are inspired by the Uncanny Valley theory, a study by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori published in 1970. According to this theory, the more that a robot or doll appears like a person, the more that our emotional response is positive when we are faced with it. But when we get to a certain point, where the robot can be considered almost human, there is a sharp drop in this positive feeling, at the moment when a small difference suddenly reveals that it is not one of us, and so creates a psychological shock.
By an artistic game of quote, deconstruction and reconstruction, of recuperation and hybridization, Zaven Paré assembly some simple materials with the more advanced technologies. The sophistication and complexity of their technology in contrast with their material aspect often “brut de décoffrage”, let us thinking about about the “soul of the robot”.

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