Roberto Paci Dalò. Berlin, Galerie Mario Mazzoli


Roberto Paci Dalò

Galerie Mario Mazzoli
Roberto Paci Dalò

 December 7th 2012 – January 12th 2013


Galerie Mario Mazzoli presents Luftkrieg, a solo exhibition by artist Roberto Paci Dalò. Visual artist, composer/musician, and director, Roberto Paci Dalò presents sound objects, interactive installations, drawings, sculptures, and films, which create a comprehensive, "total" work intimately tied to the type of hosting venue. The main reference for the project is the book Luftkrieg und Literatur (On the Natural History of Destruction) by W. G. Sebald. The author completed this extraordinary, important and controversial book before his untimely death in December 2001. It is a harrowing study of the devastation of German cities by Allied bombardment in World War II, and an examination of the silence in German literature and culture about this unprecedented trauma. This text is an essential and deeply relevant study of war and society, suffering and amnesia. In the exhibition, Paci Dalò's work investigates some of these concepts through sound, objects, film, lighting. The spaces of Galerie Mario Mazzoli become a single, large immersive environment where the visitor is immersed in a sensorial and reacting machine. Luftkrieg is a co-production GMM and Giardini Pensili.

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