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Zeit ist Held - Time is What It's All About


Ars Electronica Center

Zeit ist Held - Time is What It's All About

Thomas Altmanninger, Marlene Eggenreich, Tobias Furtschegger, Friederike Krepela, Vinzenz Mayrhofer, Thomas Mühlberger

12.07.2012 – 06.30.2013

What becomes of our time between birth and death? Who controls it and how important is it for us and our fellow human beings? The relationship between our own personal pursuit of happiness and the way we deal with time constitutes the core of this exhibition’s content. 
Periodic phenomena like day and night, the tide’s ebb and flow, and the change of the seasons have long enabled human beings to structure their time and to orient their lives. But gradually, our cultures and institutions set up a network of calendars and schedules, so that nowadays changes in nature play only a minor role in our personal perception of time. These structures and constraints—in conjunction with capitalist societies—foster contemporary issues like stress, perceiving the passage of time as relentless, the monotony of everyday life, and constantly putting o‑ items on ones to-do list. Finding ways to deal appropriately with the time structures superimposed on our existence seems to be one of the capabilities that it is most worthwhile to acquire nowadays. After all, time is what life is all about!

This exhibition was produced by students in the Multi- MediaArt master’s program at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.
It focuses on three areas having to do with time. It reveals the temporal structures we impose upon ourselves, heightens our awareness of how we perceive time, and provides food for thought to enable us to calmly reflect on our own personal time management practices.

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