New York, SVA Flatiron Gallery, The Biophilia Hypothesis


 Darya Warner


School of Visual Arts presents The Biophilia Hypothesis, an exhibition of work by BFA Fine Arts students, curated by department chair Suzanne Anker.
The Biophilia Hypothesis, formulated by eminent biologist and author E.O. Wilson, reflects on the love of living forms. Why do people have pets, houseplants or gardens? What is it about life forms that are so intriguing and vital? As humankind moves into the Anthropocene, our biochemical natures and cosmological understandings require sustainable strategies. This exhibition brings together a collaborative project entitled MyoTomato in which speculations concerning the insertion of myoglobin (protein found in animals) into a tomato is a way to sustain the environment. This art/science project was presented at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as part of the Bio Design Challenge.
The exhibition also includes work by Steph Mantis, which explores the different forms and colors of flavor extracts; Mingyi Yan creates stunning chemical gardens reminiscent of geological formations; Darya Warner’s work speaks to microscopic worlds while Leah Xie’s flower installation is an ode to the interconnections of matter.
Curated by Suzanne Anker, this exhibition continues to interweave Science and Technology into the Fine Arts Program at SVA. Please visit the Bio Art Lab at
Participating artists Leman Akpinar, Viktorea Benois, Sebastian Cocioba, Andrew Cziraki, David Hanlon, Marguerite Li, Bo Liu, Steph Mantis, Kirin Pino, Shannon Pollak, Gina Proenza, Tarah Rhoda, Victor Taboada, Darya Warner, John Patrick Wells.


New York
SVA Flatiron Gallery

The Biophilia Hypothesis
September 17 – October 15, 2016


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