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Olafur Eliasson - The parliament of possibilities


Over the years, world-renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson has engaged in continuous experimentation, creating works that encompass his broad interests in topics such as nature, philosophy, science, and architecture, as well as the visual arts. Many of Eliasson’s works are composed primarily of immaterial elements, incorporating optical illusions, movement, light, and mirrors, visual experiments with light and colour, and quasi-natural phenomena produced by machines. His works completely transform the museum into a new space, generating a wealth of new experiences for viewers.
The parliament of possibilities, Eliasson’s major solo exhibition at Leeum, introduces viewers to a wide range of notable works from throughout his career, spanning from the early nineteen-nineties to the present. The exhibition features a total of twenty-two works, including early pieces such as Moss wall, created with moss from Iceland, and Reversed waterfall, which defies gravity by shooting water upwards, to recent works such as Your unpredictable path, a huge nebula made from more than 1,000 glass spheres, and Rainbow assembly, made from water and light. The exhibited works were selected to offer viewers insight into Eliasson’s artistic practice, which reminds us that art exists in the present tense, continuously producing new meaning in the world.


Leeum - Samsung Museum of Art
Olafur Eliasson
The parliament of possibilities
28 September, 2016 - 26 February, 2017

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