Dundee, LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery. Future and Emerging Technologies

Ion Hole (installation view), Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand


Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) push the boundaries of human knowledge. Unconventional ways of thinking and creativity open novel and visionary fields of research that radically shift. Our project brings together artists and FET projects using best practice methods to create high-impact collaborative outcomes including the production of new artworks, major exhibitions, media campaigns, and socially engaged events including festivals, debates and participatory workshops.
Six leading international artists are hosted within FET projects through fully funded embedded residencies. Through in-depth collaborations with researchers and reflecting on the projects, the artists explore, engage and communicate these new areas of research to reach the widest possible audiences, opening up societal discussions, raising awareness and enhancing take-up of radically new technologies.
Six new works of art resulting from artists working in collaboration with scientists undertaking EU-funded research to develop cutting edge technologies – from gene regulation to quantum physics, underwater robotics, exascale computing and more.

Boredomresearch (Vicky Isley & Paul Smith), Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, Anna Dumitriu, Špela Petrič & Miha Turšič, Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt), Pinar Yoldas.


LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery
Future and Emerging Technologies
14 April - 17 June, 2017


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