Sydney - University of Technology, UTS Gallery, Spectra: The Art and Consequence of Collaboration

  Leah Heiss, Facett modular hearing aid,  2018

Spectra is Australia’s pre-eminent art/science festival showcasing the best research and creative work being produced through interdisciplinary collaborations between Australasian artists and scientists. Spectra explores the increasing convergence of art and science and considers how each area impacts the other and how, together, they shed light on who we are and where we’re heading. At the very heart of Spectra is the desire to showcase and celebrate the vanguard of artists leading the world in experimental and interdisciplinary arts practice.

Robert Andrew, Keith Armstrong, Leah Barclay, David Haines, Leah Heiss, Chris Henschke, Joyce Hinterding, Baden Pailthorpe, Helen Pynor, Erica Seccombe, Martin Walch.


Sydney - University of Technology
UTS Gallery
Spectra: The Art and Consequence of Collaboration
16 July - 6 September 2019


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