Linz. 2012 Ars Electronica Festival. The big picture





Ars Electronica 2012
Festival for Art, Technology and Society

The BIG PICTURE – New Concepts for a New World

August 30 - September 3 2012

The 2012 Ars Electronica Festival begins on August 30. The theme is "The Big Picture", an encounter with viable images of a sustainable future, portrayals that do justice to our globalized, network-spanned world, depictions capturing how we’re increasingly growing together and simultaneously drifting apart.
Through Monday, September 3, more than 300 events are lined up on a program that includes exhibitions, conferences, workshops, open labs, performances, concerts and nightlines. The spectacular highlight will be the voestalpine Klangwolke that the Brucknerhaus and Ars Electronica are producing collaboratively—an account of the networking of our world.

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