Alessandro Ludovico, Paolo Cirio - Face-to-Facebook (2011)

Alessandro Ludovico, Paolo Cirio


Alessandro Ludovico, Paolo Cirio, Face-to-Facebook (2011)


Berlin, transmediale.11Face-to-Facebook deals with questions about privacy in online contexts based on the most iconico f all platforms: Facebook. Following the principle of Facebook, the artists have built a dating website into which they have imported, from a million Facebook profiles, using a special software, 250,000 profiles. With a newly developed facial recognition algorithm, they have classified the profiles as – an ironic comment on the judgements made daily about people we don’t know – into different categories depending on their features and expressions. Being judged is the price everyone must pay to be involved in social networks. The project gnaws at the trust that is brought to the platform by 500 million users, reminding them that there are – just as in the "real" world – consequences to publishing intimate, personal information on social networks. For transmediale.11, Alessandro Ludovico and Paolo Cirio plan an initial presentation of their database.


Ph.: Katia De Angelis


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