Linz. Videos Documenting 35 Years of Ars Electronica Are Now Available Online

Ars Electronica Online Archive

The Ars Electronica Archive’s reconfigured internet presence is now online. In addition to countless image & text files documenting Ars Electronica, the archive is premiering a “Talks and Lectures” section containing a collection of videos of speeches, discussions and presentations by some of the outstanding individuals who’ve starred at the Ars Electronica Festival over the years. The list includes people like Otto Piene, Peter Weibel, John Lasseter, Paul Virilio, Derrick deKerckhove, Oliviero Toscani and Richard Kriesche.


Talks and Lectures

Under “Talks and Lectures” in the online archive’s menu, users will find a selection of speeches, discussions and presentations by men and women from all over the world who’ve taken part in past years’ Ars Electronica Festivals. The choice of the featured material was made by curators, whose personal highlights and recommendations are grouped under the menu item “Curated Lectures.” “Talks and Lectures” is made possible by funding provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education. The project’s focus has not only been on the online presentation of the available material but also on conserving it, inventorying it and storing it in a sustainable way.


Ars Electronica Archive

Ars Electronica possesses one of the world’s most comprehensive archives of digital media art created over the past 30 years. It includes material documenting the Ars Electronica Festival since its inception in 1979, approximately 50,000 submissions for Prix Ars Electronica prize consideration, projects conceived and implemented by the Ars Electronica Futurelab, and exhibitions that have been produced at the Ars Electronica Center and toured under the auspices of Ars Electronica Export. In the spirit of a proactively user-friendly archive, it is now possible to access the majority of the Ars Electronica Archive’s holdings online at To facilitate this, Ars Electronica developed a server-based digital archive, the foundation of which is a complex database structure with extensive metadata.


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