Joana Moll. CO2GLE

Joana Moll. CO2GLE

CO2GLE is a real-time, net-based installation by Joana Moll that displays the amount of CO2 emitted on each second thanks to the global visits to This project was created from an urge to highlight the invisible connection between actions and consequences when using digital communications technologies. is the most visited site on the Internet and weighs nearly 2MB. The site processes an approximate average of 47000 requests every second, which represents an estimated amount of 500 kg of CO2 emissions per second.
Due to the complex set of actors involved in the configuration and operation of the Internet, it is impossible to determine the exact number of its CO2 emissions, so the data is approximate. Therefore, CO2GLE acts as a symbolic agent which seeks to reveal the link between our actions and their material impact on the physical world, and aims at creating a mechanism that may trigger thoughts and actions that stimulate and re-appropriate subjectivity.


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