Sougwen Chung. Omnia per Omnia

Sougwen Chung Omnia per Omnia  2018

Omnia per Omnia by the Chinese artist Sougwen Chung reimagines the tradition of landscape painting as a collaboration between an artist, a robotic swarm, and the dynamic flow of a city.
The work explores the poetics of various modes of sensing: human and machine, organic and synthetic, and improvisational and computational.
Through a collaborative drawing performance between Sougwen and a swarm of custom-designed drawing robots, the project explores the composite agency of an human and machine as a speculation on new pluralities.
"In Omnia per Omnia - says the artist - I collaborate through a drawing duet with machines to understand my own engagement to technological complexity, as articulated by a multi-agent body, and represent how these technological systems see in contrast to humans".

Sougwen Chung
Omnia per Omnia 


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