Orkan Telhan, Breakfast Before Extinction

Orkan Telhan, Breakfast Before Extinction, 2019

A series of mediations on the future of the human diet. From steaks made of human cells to extinct bananas and genetically-modified fish, this table stages a number of scenarios where our relationship with food is interrogated. The installation is commissioned by the Designs for Different Futures exhibition and is featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (September - March 2019) then at the Walker Art Center, and the Art Institute of Chicago.


Better Salmon, 2019
Last Bananas, 2019
Human Made Vanillas, 2019
Simit Diet & B | reactor, 2019 (Designed with Biorealize)
Pancake Bot, 2019
Ourochef Steak, 2019 (Designed by Andrew Pelling, Grace Knight, Orkan Telhan)


Orkan Telhan
Breakfast Before Extinction


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Kathryn B. Hiesinger, Michelle Millar Fisher, Emmet Byrne, Maite Borjabad López-Pastor, Zoë Ryan (Eds.), Designs for Different Futures, Yale University Press


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