Open call. Eindhoven. Bio Art and Design Award 2017


Lilian van Daal & Roos Meerman, Dynamorphosis – The beauty of inner mechanisms, 2016


The Bio Art & Design Award is a competition for artists and designers who move the boundaries of art and science with promising biotechnological projects. The BAD Award 2017 grants three awards of €25.000 to fully realize a new work of art or design, developed in collaboration with a leading Dutch research institution. The results of these collaborations are exhibited in MU at the end of 2017.
The BAD Award aims to manifest the creative potential of the life sciences to a broad audience. The prize-winning projects demonstrate how bioart and biodesign can profoundly influence our lives and alter the way we view the world.
To be eligible for the award you must have graduated no longer than five years ago from a design or art program at either the Masters or Bachelors level. Applicants are encouraged to relate their proposals to recent advances in the life sciences.

The deadline for applications is 1 February 2017



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