Linz, Ars Electronica 2012. The Big Picture

Linz, Ars Electronica 2012. The Big Picture




New Concepts for a New World

Ars Electronica 2012
Festival for Art, Technology and Society
Linz, Thursday, August 30 to Monday, September 3


THE BIG PICTURE is the theme of the 2012 Ars Electronica Festival being held in Linz, Austria from August 30 to September 3. Occupying the focal point is the effort to identify all-encompassing images that capture the world that’s coming to be, Big Pictures that do justice to the progressive globalization and interrelatedness of our world, ones that capture its contradictions and flaws as well as ways in which people are coming together. By showcasing inspiring best-practice examples from art and science, this year’s festival is a call for a new, open-minded way of considering the development of a viable vision of our future—how such a Big Picture ought to be composed and how it might become reality.