Inner Telescope. Eduardo Kac creates artwork in outer space with astronaut Thomas Pesquet

14-03-2017 Hits:174

    Eduardo Kac has created an artwork aboard the International Space Station (ISS). French astronaut Thomas Pesquet realized it on Saturday, February 18th, 2017. The work, entitled Inner Telescope, was specifically conceived for...

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Gina Czarnecki. Heirloom. A scientifically accurate portrait

03-02-2017 Hits:147

  Heirloom grows living portraits of Gina Czarnecki’s daughters from their own cells that have been cultured from a single sample taken from their mouths in 2014. They grow on delicate...

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FlyAI. The latest work by David Bowen

25-01-2017 Hits:167

    This installation – by David Bowen – creates a situation where the fate of a colony of living houseflies is determined by the accuracy of artificial intelligence software. The installation...

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Hamilton, Hamilton Artists Inc. Jennifer Willet, Laboratory Ecologies

22-03-2017 Hits:73

    Hamilton Artists Inc. is pleased to present Laboratory Ecologies, an immersive participatory bio art installation, and collection of artworks by Windsor-based artist, Jennifer Willet, PhD. Willet’s internationally renowned, seminal...

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Dundee, LifeSpace Science Art Research Gallery. Future and Emerging Technologies

17-03-2017 Hits:100

  Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) push the boundaries of human knowledge. Unconventional ways of thinking and creativity open novel and visionary fields of research that radically shift. Our project brings...

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Oxford, Museum of the History of Science. Back from the Dead: Demystifying Antibiotics

06-03-2017 Hits:107

    The rise of the superbug. A pressing contemporary issue? Or a problem dating back 80 years? Will modern medicine save us from antibiotic resistance, or will we need to save...

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Boston, Emerson Urban Arts Gallery. Entangled + Cybernetic Serendipity

20-02-2017 Hits:242

    An interactive digital art installation, titled Entangled, from internationally recognized digital artist Camille Utterback, utilizes a computer program that tracks the movement of viewers and transforms them into abstract and...

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London, Tate Modern. Philippe Parreno, Anywhen

11-02-2017 Hits:145

    Prepare to have your senses activated and stimulated by a spectacular choreography of acoustics, sound lighting, flying objects and film, each connected to the other and playing their part in...

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Knoxville. Knoxville Museum of Art. Virtual Views

23-01-2017 Hits:179

    Drawn from the extensive Chicago-based collection of Carl and Marilynn Thoma, Virtual Views explores the growing importance of electronic new media in contemporary art as seen in the work of...

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Michael Z. Newman, Atari Age. The Emergence of Video Games in America. The MIT Press

08-03-2017 Hits:101

    Beginning with the release of the Magnavox Odyssey and Pong in 1972, video games, whether played in arcades and taverns or in family rec rooms, became part of popular culture...

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Kris Paulsen. Here/There. Telepresence, Touch, and Art at the Interface. The MIT Press

02-03-2017 Hits:138

      "Telepresence" allows us to feel present - through vision, hearing, and even touch - at a remote location by means of real-time communication technology. Networked devices such as video...

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Noam M. Elcott. Artificial Darkness. An Obscure History of Modern Art and Media. The University of Chicago Press

08-02-2017 Hits:152

    Darkness has a history and a uniquely modern form. Distinct from night, shadows, and artificial light, "artificial darkness" has been overlooked—until now. In fact, controlled darkness was essential to the...

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Call for entries. Cologne. W:OW. We Are One World. Deadline: 1 June 2017

23-02-2017 Hits:173

    artvideoKOELN and The New Museum of Networked Art are happy to launch the open call for an media art project of global relevance.The W:OW Project is inviting artists from all...

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Call for papers. Vienna, Danube University. RE:TRACE. Deadline: March 26, 2017

16-02-2017 Hits:532

  The 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology titled RE:TRACE focuses on an evaluation of the status of the meta-discipline MediaArtHistories today.More than a decade...

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Call for papers. Corfu. May 2017. Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science

01-02-2017 Hits:373

    The Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University (Corfu) organizes for the second year in a row the interdisciplinary conference Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art...

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