Marco Cadioli. Coloring book for kids and young AI

28-07-2017 Hits:542

  Let your children play with the same images used by the most advanced computer vision systems!!! https://issuu.com/marcocadioli/docs/coloringbook-for-kids-and-young-aiThe images contained in this coloring book have been hand-drawn by 30 anonymous human...

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Verena Friedrich. The Long Now

25-07-2017 Hits:665

  The Long Now by Verena Friedrich THE LONG NOW approaches the soap bubble from a contemporary perspective – with reference to its chemical and physical properties as well as recent scientific...

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Inner Telescope. Eduardo Kac creates artwork in outer space with astronaut Thomas Pesquet

14-03-2017 Hits:2287

    Eduardo Kac has created an artwork aboard the International Space Station (ISS). French astronaut Thomas Pesquet realized it on Saturday, February 18th, 2017. The work, entitled Inner Telescope, was specifically conceived for...

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Oxford, Museum of the History of Science. Anna Dumitriu. BioArt and Bacteria

02-10-2017 Hits:210

  The exhibition by Anna Dumitriu explores our relationship with the microbial world, antibiotics and technology. Bacteria lie at the centre of Dumitriu’s ground-breaking work, which combines traditional artistic media with...

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Karlsruhe, ZKM. Datumsoria: The Return of the Real

20-09-2017 Hits:158

  A neologism, "Datumsoria" conjugates "datum" and "sensoria", denoting a new perceptual space immanent to the information age. "Datumsoria: The Return of the Real" is a considerably expanded version of the eponymous exhibition...

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Brussels. BOZAR. Centre for Fine Arts. FEAT. Future Emerging Art and Technology

14-09-2017 Hits:299

  Scientific research is a collaborative affair. Teams from across academia and industry work in partnership to solve problems and test new methods. The European Union’s major research programme – Horizon...

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Langenthal, Kunsthaus Langenthal. Escaping the Digital Unease

04-09-2017 Hits:212

  After 25 years of the World Wide Web it has become commonplace that our life also happens in digital communication spaces. But unease spreads in this digital life. While we're...

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Paris, Galerie Charlot. Dadaclub.online

30-08-2017 Hits:382

    Dadaclub.online is a collaborative project designed to celebrate 100 years of Dadaism, in the light of two crucial concepts of the art of the twenty-first century that Dadaism anticipated: sharing...

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Amsterdam, Zone2Source. Pinar Yoldas, Carboniferous

17-07-2017 Hits:406

    Pinar Yoldas is invited for her first solo exhibition in The Netherlands with new work which is derived from what she refers to as "speculative biology". Pinar Yoldas is an...

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Ed Finn. What Algorithms Want. Imagination in the Age of Computing. The MIT Press

20-10-2017 Hits:60

    We depend on-we believe in-algorithms to help us get a ride, choose which book to buy, execute a mathematical proof. It’s as if we think of code as a magic...

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Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner (Edited by). Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain. Liverpool University Press

11-09-2017 Hits:189

The blockchain is widely heralded as the new internet - another dimension in an ever-faster, ever-more-powerful interlocking of ideas, actions and values. Principally the blockchain is a ledger distributed across...

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Joanna Zylinska. Nonhuman Photography. The MIT Press

28-08-2017 Hits:265

    Today, in the age of CCTV, drones, medical body scans, and satellite images, photography is increasingly decoupled from human agency and human vision. In Nonhuman Photography, Joanna Zylinska offers a...

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Call for Papers. Vancouver, Thirteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society. Deadline 27 May 2018

13-10-2017 Hits:806

  The Arts in Society Research Network invites proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes: Arts Education Arts Theory...

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OPEN CALL. Science Gallery Dublin. Deadline 19th September, 2017

07-09-2017 Hits:522

  Science Gallery Dublin is seeking proposals for up to 20 works for FAKE, a free exhibition that asks if life is better when we embrace the artificial. Deadline for applications is...

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Call for Entries. 21st Japan Media Arts Festival. Deadline October 5, 2017

29-08-2017 Hits:539

Japan Media Arts Festival. For the 21st Festival in 2017, entries will be accepted from across the globe. Entries are sought in various disciplines of the Media Arts including interactive...

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