Climate change + emoji = Climoji

07-04-2018 Hits:719

  The Climoji are designed to distill some of the causes and effects of climate change into tiny, potent icons. As emoji, these conversational tools enter the digital social space where...

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Boston. Sosolimited, Colorspace

23-11-2017 Hits:2916

Colorspace by Sosolimited is an interactive sculpture that translates text messages into breathtaking animations of colored light. Boston Properties commissioned to create the artwork for the mezzanine of their iconic...

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Richard Vijgen, WifiTapestry

16-11-2017 Hits:2973

  WifiTapestry by Richard Vijgen is a dynamic wall hanging that visualises the wireless activity of a space. The tapestry visualises the ever changing "landscape" of radio frequencies around us. The...

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Paris, Gran Palais. Artistes & Robots

12-04-2018 Hits:509

This exhibition is an opportunity to experience works of art produced with the help of increasingly sophisticated robots.  Featuring works by some forty artists, it offers a gateway to an...

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Paris, Galerie Charlot. Davide Quayola, Vestiges

22-03-2018 Hits:1603

  by Valentina Peri The prints in Quayola's Remains series and his video Jardins d’été explore a new way of representing the natural landscape along the lines of the pictorial tradition...

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Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni. HUMAN+ The Future of Our Species

10-03-2018 Hits:1099

  Cyborgs, superhumans and clones. Evolution or extinction? What does it mean to be a human today? What will it feel like to be a human a hundred years from now?...

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Los Angeles. UCLA Art Sci Center. It Passes like a Thought

26-02-2018 Hits:1047

Perhaps there is no better metaphor for the fleeting world around us than birds. Before we had various technologies and methods to capture birds visually or to record their song...

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New York, Transfer Gallery. Claudia Hart, The Flower Matrix

15-12-2017 Hits:2093

  With The Flower Matrix, Claudia Hart proposes a new kind of liminal space – a seductive environment for viewing her immersive world. Mixed-reality architecture becomes fantastical, embellished by decorative elements...

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Derby, QUAD Gallery. Kimchi and Chips, Line Segments Space

11-12-2017 Hits:1181

QUAD presents the first UK showing of the mesmerising and immersive installation Line Segments Space by acclaimed Seoul-based artist and technology duo Kimchi and Chips.An architectural web of threads spans...

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Mario Savini. Arte transgenica. La vita è il medium. Pisa University Press

14-07-2018 Hits:391

  What is transgenic art? How does it influence the landscape of contemporary visual art culture? What is the relationship between art, science, and life? This book - with a preface...

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Christian Ulrik Andersen, Søren Bro Pold. The Metainterface. The Art of Platforms, Cities, and Clouds. The MIT Press

05-06-2018 Hits:385

  The computer interface is both omnipresent and invisible, at once embedded in everyday objects and characterized by hidden exchanges of information between objects. The interface has moved from office into...

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Gabrielle Decamous, Invisible Colors. The Arts of the Atomic Age. The MIT Press

29-05-2018 Hits:305

  The effects of radiation are invisible, but art can make it and its effects visible. Artwork created in response to the events of the nuclear era allow us to see...

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Call For Papers. Corfu, The International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges. Deadline 8 April, 2018

24-02-2018 Hits:1495

  The International Conference on Digital Culture & AudioVisual Challenges will be held in Corfu (Greece) and is hosted by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts (Ionian University). The...

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Call for papers. Mexico. Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science. Deadline 30 April, 2018

22-02-2018 Hits:1233

    The third international interdisciplinary conference Taboo - Transgression - Transcendence in Art & Science will take place in 11-13 November 2018 in Mexico City, hosted by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma...

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Call for Papers. Perth, The University of Western Australia. Deadline 31 March 2018

15-02-2018 Hits:1028

  2018 marks 200 years since the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus. Shelley’s "Creature" is usually conceived as a human creation, the stitched-together, tragic victim of scientific...

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