Boston. Sosolimited, Colorspace

23-11-2017 Hits:491

Colorspace by Sosolimited is an interactive sculpture that translates text messages into breathtaking animations of colored light. Boston Properties commissioned to create the artwork for the mezzanine of their iconic...

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Richard Vijgen, WifiTapestry

16-11-2017 Hits:729

  WifiTapestry by Richard Vijgen is a dynamic wall hanging that visualises the wireless activity of a space. The tapestry visualises the ever changing "landscape" of radio frequencies around us. The...

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Art Market Initiative at Ars Electronica 2017. The Development of a Discourse on the Media Art Economy

05-11-2017 Hits:729

      By ALESSIO CHIERICO   The New Initiative in the Ars Electronica Festival With the intention to extend the liminal research on the market of Media Art, the Ars Electronica festival 2017 dedicated...

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New York, Transfer Gallery. Claudia Hart, The Flower Matrix

15-12-2017 Hits:216

  With The Flower Matrix, Claudia Hart proposes a new kind of liminal space – a seductive environment for viewing her immersive world. Mixed-reality architecture becomes fantastical, embellished by decorative elements...

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Derby, QUAD Gallery. Kimchi and Chips, Line Segments Space

11-12-2017 Hits:187

QUAD presents the first UK showing of the mesmerising and immersive installation Line Segments Space by acclaimed Seoul-based artist and technology duo Kimchi and Chips.An architectural web of threads spans...

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Oulu, Oulu Museum of Art. The Hype in the Arctic Silicon Valley

20-11-2017 Hits:457

  What started in Oulu in 1979? Who was Toivo Ruokko of Sotkamo, the electrical engineer who became the world's number one technology guru and entrepreneur for a while? How did...

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Corfu, Ionian University. Summer School in Hybrid Arts 2018

10-11-2017 Hits:1066

  The Department of Audio & Visual Arts of the Ionian University is glad to announce the 2nd Corfu Summer School in Hybrid Arts following last year's program. Composed by a...

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Copenhagen, Copenhagen Contemporary. CC LAB. Virtual Reality

26-10-2017 Hits:527

  In recent years Virtual Reality (VR) has become one of the most exciting trends emerging within the world of art. With the exhibition CC LAB, Copenhagen Contemporary takes VR into...

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Oxford, Museum of the History of Science. Anna Dumitriu. BioArt and Bacteria

02-10-2017 Hits:510

  The exhibition by Anna Dumitriu explores our relationship with the microbial world, antibiotics and technology. Bacteria lie at the centre of Dumitriu’s ground-breaking work, which combines traditional artistic media with...

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Carsten Strathausen. Bioaesthetics: Making Sense of Life in Science and the Arts. University of Minnesota Press

14-11-2017 Hits:468

  In recent years, bioaesthetics has used the latest discoveries in evolutionary studies and neuroscience to provide new ways of looking at art and aesthetics. Carsten Strathausens remarkable exploration of this...

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Ed Finn. What Algorithms Want. Imagination in the Age of Computing. The MIT Press

20-10-2017 Hits:637

    We depend on-we believe in-algorithms to help us get a ride, choose which book to buy, execute a mathematical proof. It’s as if we think of code as a magic...

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Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner (Edited by). Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain. Liverpool University Press

11-09-2017 Hits:485

The blockchain is widely heralded as the new internet - another dimension in an ever-faster, ever-more-powerful interlocking of ideas, actions and values. Principally the blockchain is a ledger distributed across...

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Call for Participation. University of Copenhagen. SLSAeu Conference 2018. Deadline 17 December, 2017

11-11-2017 Hits:1233

    The 12th European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference will be held in Copenhagen from June 13 to 16 2018 with the topic of GREEN. It will be organized conjunctly...

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Open Call. Science Gallery Melbourne. Deadline 2 January, 2018

04-11-2017 Hits:1257

    Science Gallery Melbourne is seeking proposals for up to 20 works for PERFECTION, an exhibition and public program aimed at young adults, that asks artists, designers and scientists - what...

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Call for Papers. Vancouver, Thirteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society. Deadline 27 May 2018

13-10-2017 Hits:1283

  The Arts in Society Research Network invites proposals for paper presentations, workshops/interactive sessions, posters/exhibits, virtual lightning talks, virtual posters, or colloquia addressing one of the following themes: Arts Education Arts Theory...

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