Leejin Kim (edited by). New Media Art 2017: Back to Nature. CICA Press


Leejin Kim (edited by). New Media Art 2017: Back to Nature. CICA Press


When Pokemon Go became an instant phenomenon, my husband and I decided to give it a try. We walked through the park and saw groups of people roaming around the empty field watching their cell phones. It was a funny but striking moment to see people getting back to nature as the result of a new media cultural innovation.

We do not even have to try; new media will gradually permeate our lives and become part of our reality. Google Maps, social media, YouTube, Pokemon Go, smartphones, drones, 3D printers, robots — all of our generation’s shared buzzwords will reshape our minds and become our nostalgia. And new media artists constantly reflect this metamorphosing reality like fragmented mirrors.

Leejin Kim


Featured artists & writers

Jeff Beekman, Anne Lesley Selcer, Borja Rodríguez Alonso, Duncan Poulton, Sam Blanchard, Hans Gindlesberger, Liss LaFleur, Colby Jennings, Sam Radford, Elisabeth Pellathy, C. Matthew Luther, Vik Laschenov, Joe Hedges, Anna Novakov, Sarah Choo Zing, Daniel Alexander Smith, Helen S. Koo, Jason Lin, and Jasmine Zhou, Sean Mullan, Joe Ren, Kim Miller, Mark Kleine, Sanja Hurem, Kang Su Jeong, Art Fab Lab.


The book will be available in major bookstores in Korea, Amazon, and CICA Store.


Leejin Kim (edited by)
New Media Art 2017: Back to Nature
CICA Press




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