Amsterdam, Zone2Source – Amstelpark. Trust me, I’m an Artist

 Amsterdam, Zone2Source – Amstelpark. Trust me, I’m an Artist


Trust me, I’m an Artist investigates the ethical issues arising from art and science collaborations, particularly in the field of bioart. It considers the roles and responsibilities of the artists, scientists and institutions involved. The project addresses ethical issues around gene editing and antibiotics, consent and human tissue culture, nuclear materials and public health, trans-species communications and plant ethics, the smuggling of biomaterials across continents and the relation between rituals of self healing and personalized medicine.
In daily life decisions about ethics provoked by technology are taken by experts, far from the general public. Trust me, I’m an artist selects artists that bring these ethics closer to the public through their artistic practice. Doing so, these artworks help to create as if it were a commons of techno-ethics.


Martin O’Brien, Gina Czarnecki & John Hunt, Anna Dumitriu, Špela Petrič, Jennifer Willet, Kira O’Reily, Howard Boland, Erich Berger, Mari Keto


Trust me, I’m an Artist
May 13 – June 25, 2017


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